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Tuesday, 16 May 2017


I have just got round to putting my Walsall souvenirs in the Chertsey scrapbook. This is a lever arch file, with exhibits in plastic wallets (only the best heavyweight clear ones from Wilko's, none of those cheap flimsey textured ones), simply divided up by year.

The Easter exhibits are:
1. A photocopy of the running log that I've started keeping since last summer.
2. The event programme and mooring map
3. A mooring suspension notice (that I was very quick to go out and grab!)
4. Some leaflets about red deer
5. Notes from the quiz
6. Leaflets from the Walsall New Art Gallery

The scrapbook is quite thick now, as we have been boating on Chertsey since 2010 (there is a separate file devoted to her previous history, purchase, and restoration), so I thought I would pad out this post (hmmm... and possibly many others) with a trip down memory lane via the simple expedient of opening the scrapbook at random pages.

Which gives us
 A booklet form the Basingstoke Canal, from last year
 An invitation to the Stratford River Festival, 2014
And a map showing our 2014 round trip (albeit not very clearly). 2014 is a fat section!

Maybe 'pages from the scrapbook' will become a desperate occasional feature.

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