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Monday 1 May 2017

Books I read in April

Virginia MacGregor Before I was Yours (local library)
Transparantly (but effectively) manipulative tearjerker, redeemed by being reasonably well written.

Emma Kavanagh The Missing Hours (local library)
Decent mystery that uses multiple viewpoints to good effect. Wraps up in a bit of a rush.

Jenny T Colgan Resistance is Futile (local library)
I should hate this; after a few chapters it turned out to be sci fi. But engaging characters and the odd funny kept me reading.

Nicci French Saturday Requiem (local library)
The latest Frieda Klein thriller. Fine and a good read in itself, but can one women really have so many horrible deaths associated with her? And such an efficient stalker?

Ann Grainger The Dead Woman of Deptford (local library)
Pleasant, enjoyable Victorian-set murder msytery. Nothing too demanding.

Mark Billingham Time of Death (Alvecote book swap)
Reliably good Tom Thorne novel, remarkable for its setting in the small town of 'Polesford' which in one of the thinnest disguises ever worn by a fictitious location, is located near Tamworth, Atherstone, Nuneaton and even Dordon. And is a hole.

Jenny Blackhurst Before I Let You In (local library)
I'm getting a bit fed up with these meaningless titles. Can't even tell what tense this one is meant to be. Clever - perhaps too clever - mad woman thriller.

Han Kang The Vegetarian (local library)
Not my usual fare, being a Korean book in translation - but what a translation. One of those books you read for the pleasure of the writing  rather than any plot. A bit weird, indescribable, haunting, and very good.

Books I didn't read in April

Phil Redmond Highbridge (local library)
Interestingly, being able to write highly successful TV drama doesn't mean you're any good at writing prose thrillers. Crude, formulaic and unreadable.

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