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Friday 26 May 2017

More floor

I know this is very dull for you, but it's exciting for me, so please bear with me. The dining room floor has now been taken up completely and all the old rubbish, broken glass, old tiles, paper (paper!), rubble, moulds various and quite a lot of earth has been removed.
Jim has also taken out the hearth, which was a thin layer of concrete over some pretty amazing lumps of stone, which I shall take a long way away from the house and make into a rockery. Some of the plaster in the wettest corner has already been hacked off with more to go.
There is a full - and exceedingly efficiently packed - skip outside. The new joists are ordered and tomorrow morning we are off to the East Riding to look at various sorts of reclaimed timber flooring. A small but expensive parcel of poison has also arrived, ready to apply to everything within potential reach of the dry rot.

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