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Saturday 6 May 2017

Interior decor

Chertsey's undercloth 'glamping' accommodation has been evolving for a while now, slowly and quietly, but I think we may have reached a watershed on the Brownhills trip. We have transitioned from obviously makeshift arrangements in the hold of an unconverted boat to something that is starting to look worryingly like a 'normal' boat, albeit one with red oxide steel walls and inconveniently low doorways. And this transformation has been achieved by the simple expedient of forty five quids' worth of carpet roll end.
It is now, according to Enceladus Sarah, 'a glorious ‘home within a hold’ – dry, cosy, full of perfectly curated pieces drawn from all sorts of eras that yet manage to form a beautifully congruent, consonant – and now, newsflash, carpeted – whole'  Why, thank you :-)

In Brownhills, I also bought a new kitchen bin. We had previously been deploying the gorgeous bucket that Blossom painted for Chertsey when I first bought the boat, but its capacity was rather limited. Two problems have now been solved at a sweep, as the bucket has become the vegetable storage facility.
Ricky also benefited from Brownhills shopping activity. He was a bit at a loss after his old, smelly, torn bed got left out in the rain
But Jim found a garish but very acceptable substitute in the high street pet shop


  1. I might have saved you the £45 for the carpet.

    I ended up towing a bit that sort of size from our rudder on the final run in to Brownhills.

    (Looked new to me, albeit very wet and slightly muddy, but Cath refused to let me keep it!.....)

  2. I adore your hold...I'm just worried that it might be about to be filled with 78s!

    1. I have tentatively put my foot down on the 78s, as it were, having given notice that there will be a one in, one out policy. Just haven't calculated what the onboard stock needs to be yet...

    2. Very wise to take control of the situation! I fear what we may have started...but on the bright side, they seem to be looking forward to Braunston!

    3. 'Alternative music venue' has been mentioned.

  3. By heck Sarah, that is posh. You will need to furnish Jim with some carpet slippers and a pipe!