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And there might be something about railways.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Sorry, I forgot...

Belated happy birthday Chertsey...

Amy and James celebrated Willow's birthday at the weekend, yesterday being the 79th anniversary of its first health registration.

Chertsey is a couple of years younger, celebrating its 77th birthday on January 29th. This is the date given in Alan Faulkner's book which I have always assumed to be when the boat was handed over by Harland and Wolff to GUCCCo, although I realise I don't actually know exactly what it signifies.

Sunday 16 February 2014

Sunday sunrise

Impossible to capture of course, especially with just a quick snap of the iPad (2). In reality as I sit having my breakfast looking out of the kitchen window it looks completely monochrome, bands of grey and the trees stark black against the glare of the new sun, which twenty minutes ago I watched creeping over the horizon. Sheer luck, but I'm so glad my flat faces east. Every morning now, the first thing I do on getting up is stand and have a long look out of the window.