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Sunday 18 November 2018

Hardcore historic boater in S3?

Of course there could be any number of far more sensible explanations, but you have to wonder ... There's not many who'd choose to fork out eighty-five quid for a large bucket when you can get an actual Porta-Potti with, you know, seals, for considerably less.

It's a mystery.

Thursday 8 November 2018

Just the ticket!

Well, well, well.

It appears that without any argument, any appeal, or any footstamping, East Midlands Trains are going to refund me half the cost of my return ticket for the thirty-five minute delay I suffered en route to Brighton the other week.

Dear Dr Hale
Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding East Midlands Trains
services, including Delay Repay claims.
I am pleased to let you know that your compensation claim has been
processed to the value of £52.60. 

If you encountered a delay when you travelled with us on the 12 October
2018, between SHEFFIELD and LONDON ST PANCRAS INT at 17:29 we are really
sorry that we let you down on this occasion.
Unfortunately, there are times when things go wrong, which means that we
can’t always run the train service we want to and I am really sorry that we
let you down on this occasion. 

This actually seems quite generous to me, as only my outward journey was delayed, and by less than an hour. They've even thrown in an apology - two, in fact! So well done East Midland Trains. My faith in you is restored.