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Sunday 14 May 2017

Ricky's recollections

In which our canine correspondent picks out his holiday high spots.

The trouble with being a dog, is that you are dependent on humans taking photos for you, and they don't always take the ones you'd want them to. There are no pictures, for example, of all the fantastic holes I dug. There aren't enough of my new friends Rosie and Buzz. Still, there are quite a few of me looking handsome, so I guess I mustn't complain.
 Not only handsome, but constantly alert! There were not many sheep on this trip, nor cats. I did bark at some horses though.
 I really don't care for this plank thing. Still, needs must.
 I spent an uncomfortable couple of hours between the disposal of my old bed and the purchase of my new one. Still, they do their best, I suppose.
 I was a bit nervous meeting Rosie and Buzz for the first time - they seemed rather big! - but soon we were getting on like a house on fire. I let them sleep on my bed and they let me sleep on their dad.
 The new bed was most acceptable.
 I had to wear my jumper most days as there was quite a chilly breeze. It's much more comfortable than my coat for lying down in - which is very important - although the humans do have a struggle getting my legs into it sometimes.
 I can do noble...
It's hard work being handsome and gorgeous all the time.

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  1. Ah, Ricky, you were most hospitable...not every dog would have relinquished their bed so readily. And uncle Andy says you can sleep on him anytime, maybe when he and daddy have their next 78s session? Rosie and Buzz send houndie greetings. And yes, you are very handsome