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Wednesday 17 May 2017

Plans (for the abandoning of)

At the Brownhills quiz, our esteemed Chairman mused that there had been some thought - no clear plans, mind, and half the Committee didn't even know about it yet - but just a thought, that next year, around Whitsun time, we (i.e. HNBC) might take ourselves off to Hebden Bridge.

Well, before the quiz had even begun Nick on Aldgate had already recruited his crew, and the rest of us were pretty certain we wanted to go. So - with or without the HNBC imprimatur - it looks likely that at least some of us, flushed with BCN success, will be tackling the Rochdale (and others of us, with shorter boats, might be taking an easier route). So that is the Big Project for next year, and there is every chance that we'll do it (or be bravely defeated in the attempt).

This year's less passionately driven plans might, however, fall by the wayside. Yet again, the Ashby might have to manage without us for another year. I confess I am finding it hard to get excited about a canal that's shallow, twisty, and has no locks (I'm not a total lock monster, like a certain Mr Fincher, but they do break up the monotony a bit. And of course, get rid of the twists). And the competing attraction is My New House. I have given notice on the flat for early August, so the two weeks' leave I've booked in late July might find themselves otherwise occupied as in best reality show style we struggle to finish the work against the clock. Thus it might be that the joint my-birthday-and-Chertsey's (eighty and a halfth) birthday party could be replaced by a joint my-birthday-and-housewarming party.

Nothing will get between me and Braunston this year though (famous last words with the boat about to be docked...)


  1. Rochdale planning at Braunston then. That's one evening accounted for already. And we would never chicken out and go the easier route...we might even go hard core and return via the HNC

  2. We are planning to do the Rochdale this year - but the easier route. A good choice as it sounds like it will be extremely busy next year!!