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Sunday 7 May 2017

Ducky Nuptials

Yesterday was a rather special day. Amy and James - now of Willow but formerly of Lucky Duck, hence forever the Ducks to us - after ten years together, finally tied the knot - the first of many, as their duties at Bollington Wharf Marina will, I understand include fender making...

A boating theme pervaded the festivities, with Amy and James arriving from the register office on Willow, for a reception at the London Canal Museum.
Amy's dress - accessorised in Severn and Canal colours - was chosen to allow her to work some locks along the way, although she said she drew the line at walking across gates in it. 
There was a bit of a willow pattern theme going on...
The caterers, Save The Date, who from my brief reading of their sign work with reclaimed food in a community garden in Shoreditch, or something similarly right on, put on a good spread. Bones and I, honed by years of conference experience, had nabbed a good table and got in the food queue before the rest of our party had got up the stairs.
It was an excellent opportunity to catch up with the Moomins, Tim Lewis, Amy's mum, quite a few people we said farewell to in Walsall a couple of weeks ago, and of course the illustrious (and enigmatic) Bones.
Sadly we had to leave before the cutting of the cake.
Although I at least was able to catch the speeches - including Amy's mum's as Mother of the Bride.
I travelled from Sheffield, and Jim came up from Sussex, and we met at St Pancras - very handy for us both and for the venue. We've had quite a long association with Amy and James, including accompanying them (particularly Jim) on much of their epic maiden voyage on Lucky Duck, and beginning with this fateful meeting in July 2008 in a cafe near Old Street...
Be Lucky, Ducks, and have a good road

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