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Wednesday 13 January 2021


 A few weeks ago, Firefox pointed me to this article by Joanne Limburg. It's about - among other things - the experience of being (female, late-diagnosed) autistic. I'd already read some of Limburg's work - her first memoir, on living with OCD, The Woman Who Thought Too Much, and her book of poems, The Autistic Alice, although I didn't make the connection when I first read the article. Limburg is a writer, and works in a university - and this is important, because so much of what is written about, and for, and even by, autistic people, about us and the world of work, ignores the professional workplace; as if, perhaps (and maybe this is true) we had fewer problems than someone being coached to stack supermarket shelves.

The article said so much that I have wanted to say to people at work. I can write, but not as well as Limburg, and also - sadly - people are more likely to take something seriously if it is written and published by a third party, rather than sobbed at them in frustration by their slightly odd colleague who 'makes them feel uncomfortable.' So I shared it with t'Boss, who agreed, and soon I shall share it with my other colleagues. But that isn't really the point of this post.

The article was in an online magazine which I hadn't previously come across, called Aeon. Firefox Pocket clearly did a good job in bringing it to my attention. Unusually, for me, I signed up for their daily email of articles, and find I have had something to read over breakfast every day - ranging from what neanderthal women did, through flirting and courtship in the eighteenth century, to scientific discoveries and political theory - written and edited by academics and experts, free and with no ads. So yes, I recommend it.


  1. Many years ago you wrote a post about Diamond Geezer, which led to me following him ever since, always my go to morning read. Now you point me to Aeon. I think I’m going to be following that just as avidly. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Ann, glad to hear you're still reading this and DG!