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Thursday 10 January 2019

Up the creek

Here are a few photos of Newhaven's tidal creek, a remnant of the rerouting of the Sussex Ouse (which does not rhyme with Lewes, thus proving Wikipedia to be the unreliable source we warn students against) which subsequently supported the tide mill around which grew the village on whose ruins we frolic with Ricky and Geoffrey.

From the footbridge over the railway line from Beach Road, looking back towards the town
And from the same bridge looking toward the sea:
And finally, the view from the concrete footbridge across the creek that you can see in the second photo:
That spot of white is a little egret.

The scene is soon to change, as a new road bridge is finally going to be built, serving an aggregate works. There is a lot of land here, and much of it won't be directly affected, and I can't quite picture how things are going to end up (because I'm very bad at that sort of visualisation), so I'll keep taking photos each time I'm down there.

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