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Saturday 12 January 2019

Just chequing

I wrote a cheque last night to renew Chertsey's insurance. It was the last cheque in that particular chequebook. The first one was also used to pay for a boat's insurance - Bakewell's in that instance - in 2013.

I like writing a cheque and putting it in the post. I don't even mind paying for a stamp for the privilege of not having to wrangle with a website or chat with a call centre. Writing a cheque still gives me that thrill of being a grown up. When I write a cheque, my Ys and Gs acquire extravagant loops of purple ink. I always write out the pounds and pence in words. Sometimes I can't quite remember how to sign my name.

The first cheque I ever wrote, many years ago, when I was a freshly minted grown-up, with my first current account, was to Amnesty International - my first membership subscription. Can you remember who yours was to?


  1. I share your love of writing cheques and the pride of my first cheque book. I think that I was the first in my family to have a cheque book, and then only because I worked for the Co-op and my mate was in the bank. Sadly, I don't recall my first cheque.
    A year or so later I moved to Wales at the time when Barclays began issuing bi-lingual cheques.
    I still remember the, very friendly and helpful, branch manager asking why I, as an English speaker, should want one. I clearly recall that it took him a while to comprehend my answer, which was that I wanted to show solidarity with my Welsh-speaking host community.
    My current, half used, cheque book, which is carefully cosseted in it’s leather cover, was started in 2010. Perhaps it will be the last one I ever have. A sobering thought, the advance of old-age and progress!

  2. Sarah, You can send me a cheque anytime!😄£££

  3. Sorry, my first cheque was written far, far too long ago to recall the payee.

    I do remember a flat-mate when I first went to Warwick (he was 18 and definitely 'posh', I was 23 and definitely not) showing me his brand new cheque book and asking how he could get £10 cash with it. Before ATMs of course.

  4. Ah cheques - they are beginning to become a blast from the past. We do still have two cheque books, but they seem to be used mostly for paying for our Canal Society and my WI annual membership fees. I guess one day it will all be done by bank transfer. Many, many moons ago a few months after we got married I broke my right arm and as my husband was going to be overseas whilst I was in plaster we had to go to the bank and building society to get authorisation for me to sign cheques with my left hand. Jennie nb Tentatrice