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Thursday 24 January 2019

And lampshades

I do like a 1930s glass lampshade, and in the past few months I've collected three of them in my charity shop round.

Firstly this one - which I actually paid TEN POUNDS for in the Broomhill Oxfam
and which graces the downstairs loo, followed a few weeks ago by this one - also from Oxfam in Broomhill, but only £3.99
which lights the lobby by the back door.

Then a couple of weeks ago, the St Lukes Vintage shop - again in Broomhill - yielded this beauty for just £1.99
to prettify the light at the top of the attic stairs.

Then from the collection I have this in my study
I seem to recall that we paid quite a lot for that one in the Newhaven Flea Market (before that formet chapel beuilding went on to become flats).

Waiting in the attic are two more
These are the ones I've had the longest, and were jumble sale purchases - the bottom one was £2, I think, and the to one £1 - or it might have been the other way round. The big orange one was the very first. They will all be in use eventually - and if needed I can get all the necessary ceiling roses, hooks and chains from the brilliant Lampspares.

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  1. Brings back memories of looking up and dead flies in the chain type lampshades in my mams house when I was a little younger.... We lived in a two up two down terrace in Derby so I expect IIRC, these look right at home in your place in Sheffield.