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Tuesday 1 January 2019

Some of the things I might blog about in 2019

And so, this blog enters its tenth year.

As well as musing on anything and everything, there are a few themes and ideas that - who knows - actually might get put itno practice this year. Because I really should get out more. And if I get into that habit from January to September, maybe Semester 1 won't bury me again this year as it has done for the past two.

Here are some things I might do.
  1. Post more thoughts about autism-related stuff, as I work my way through it and think about it a bit more.
  2.  Relaunch the Big Days Out that started so well with an easy-peasy and very successful trip to Saltaire, but foundered on the next random selection, which was Ladybank. However, I allowed someone else to pick that, so maybe it doesn't count.
  3. Visit as many as possible of the pubs in the CAMRA Sheffield's Real Heritage Pubs: Pub Interiors of Historic Interest guide that Adrian and Linda gave me (well, OK, Jim) for Christmas.
  4. Take more photos of interesting post-industrial dereliction, before it all gets gussied up like Kelham Island.
  5. Try to survive a trip to Hebden Bridge in a 72' boat with Jim and two dogs as crew. Against the clock. And the dogs won't work locks.
  6. Post amusing photos of dogs.

Other ideas (and requests) welcome, of course!

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