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Saturday, 30 March 2019

Time to pick the next Big Day Out

You may recall they my series of Big Days Out started so well, in Saltaire. Er... two years ago. Shortly afterwards, in the pub, I thought it would be a good idea to let my friend tap the screen to pick the next one... and it was Ladybank, so I never quite got round to going, though I did get as far as looking it up and seeing what I could have visited if I had gone. I think there was a golf course.

But anyway, because I didn't do it myself, I have now decided (after two years) that it didn't count, and therefore I do not have to go to Ladybank before I can pick the next one.

So is all set up, to select a random number between 101 and 186, and I shall now just flick across to the relevant tab and click the button ... and it's ...


Oooh ... a boat I know quite well, and a place I've been, although not for a while - and, what's more, where I have a kind of distant quasi-relative, where there should be lots to see, and a canal and a river. It'll take just over three hours to get there, and I must be careful to avoid Gold Cup day.

So you can either guess, or look it up in your Faulkner, or do as I did, and check it out in the Town Class Sticker Album (which really needs updating).

Extra clue - it shares its name with the pub I was in the other night, although the pub has nothing to do with the place.

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  1. Isn't the Gold cup ran in Cheltenham?
    not the thing you can wash in