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Thursday 14 March 2019

Getting my hands on Naburn

Following a couple of abortive attempts, someone finally got back to me on Tuesday about Naburn. It turns out that Naburn is still owned by CRT after all, and is run by them with volunteer crew to do what sounds largely like amenity improvement on the canal. This of course in one way is, from my point of view, very bad news, in that there will be a high cost entailed in getting involved in this, viz. the wearing of a bloody lifejacket. I wouldn't do it for anything other than a large GU motor.

Anyway, yesterday morning I took a very windy stroll down to the Basin to meet Anthony in the newly furbished and opened CRT office/public interface there. I'm not quite sure he knew what hit him as I engaged him in conversation, and fortunately for him I had to be at work by 9:15 which curtailed me a bit.

I also completed a form to register as a volunteer. The way it seems to work is that jollies on Naburn pulliing shopping trolleys out of the cut are very popular and have to be rationed, especially as there are only three qualified skippers. Most of the volunteers are retired, so not much happens at weekends (when I'm free), and there are fewer skippers available then. So, clearly what they need is more skippers. Ones who are available at the weekend. Me. Apparently two of the three existing ones are volunteers who have just been put through the requisite training by CRT so I have volunteered quite forcefully to do likewise.

I shall keep you posted...

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