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Monday 11 March 2019

Go west!

West Yorkshire, that is.Today, I've been back in Saltaire, thanks to David Lowe mentioning at the AGM last week that he would be performing today on the Victoria Hall's magnificent Wurlitzer. I even rounded up someone to go with me, and we had a splendid time marvelling at the prices in the Salts Mill antiques shop (I reckon my dining room lights would have at least a £500 tag on them in there), enjoying the splendid tea and cakes available at the concert, and beforehand, in a ten minute lull in the rain and snow, a brief walk up the canal.

Now, the fact that we walked up the canal is significant, because on my two previous visits, I have only gone in the other direction, towards Shipley. Which means that today, for the first time, I saw a Leeds and Liverpool lock.
So I didn't even know that this was a ground paddle. 
Wonder if I'll ever get to operate one...

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