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Wednesday 19 May 2010

Running out of things to paint

I think everything related to the engine room (with the exception of the engine breather cover) has now had at least one coat of paint. Hooray! No more wire brushing... just the occasional light Scotchbrite between coats. Jim has even put the first coat of cream paint on the engine room ceiling (Blosson hits the cabin top at this terminology!). It's Dulux paint (albeit mixed in B&Q) but it's awful; terribly thin and keeps leaving oily runs, as if it's not mixed properly. On the upside this gives it an instantly aged look, though I'm not entirely sure that'swhat we're going for. I think the moral of this is, it is worth paying for Craftmaster. In fact it wasn't the cost that stopped us, but the getting hold of it.

I have now got a dreadful cold (it's going to foreign parts that does it) which isn't helped by all the dust, so I am more than glad that the worst of the rubbing is over. As soon as the overnight rain has dried off I shall be putting some grey undercoat on the faces of the fuel tanks that show, which will be exciting after three and four coats of the red oxide. That Johnstones zinc phosphate, by the way, is a delight to put on.


  1. Is it a water based paint, I had some eggshell finish mixed and didn't realise it was water based until I dunked the brush in the turps to clean it and nowt happened.

  2. I have to agree with you about Craftmaster, I'm going through the process of getting some paint on Ariel (I won't call it a repaint as there needed to be some paint in the first place!) but I'm not sure what trouble you've had getting hold of it? I spoke to Zita last Thursday to order 2.5 litres of Raddle red and after paying over the phone with my CC, it was delivered before 12 the next day. Can't beat that for service :)

  3. I didn't know they delivered, other than to their selected retailers. We've always been and picked it up and sometimes you just can't face driving around Wolverhampton. But there's nothing quite like it is there, not just the finish and the durability, but what a pleasure it is to use. Wonder if Phil'll read this!