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Sunday 30 May 2010

Books I read in May

Roger Alsop and Graham Dodkins Working Boats
A lovely read and another important piece of the jigsaw.

Tana French The Likeness
Once you get over the rather implausible initial premise, this is marvellous - whodunnit, psychological thriller and more. Multi-layered and complex but never confusing. I couldn't tear myself away.

Graham Hurley Blood and Honey
Competent, formulaic police procedural. Set in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.

Susan Hill The Vows of Silence
This pained detective might start to grow on me. Worryingly, though, as well as multiple murders, a member of his close family seems to die in every volume.

Andrew Taylor Bleeding Heart Square
Taylor is good. This reminded me of Sarah Waters, menacing, weird to the point of almost seeming supernatural, but all too real in the end.

Jane Hill Grievous Angel
Short, apparently lightweight psychological thriller/love story, but with far more depth than first appears. Glib ending though.

Val McDermid Starstruck
McDermid's Kate Brannigan books are a contrast to her darker stuff; an enjoyable, undemanding read.

Susan Hill The Various Haunts of Men
The first of the four Simon Serailler novels, and the best of the three I've read.

Andrew Taylor The Barred Window
Marvellously atmospheric, sinister family saga. Another hit from Taylor.

In addition this month, I was pleased that J.G. Farrell's Troubles won the 'Lost' Booker. It was the only one of the nominees I've read, and it's a book whose atmosphere left a deep impression on me. While I only half remembered the plot, and wasn't sure of the title or the author, I was so haunted by it I had to seek it out to read again.

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