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Tuesday 18 May 2010

Going round in circles

Well, I did put the last coat on the floors yesterday... and then it rained, ruining the finish. So now I have to wait until they're completely dry hard, rub them down, and apply another final coat. Some more paint went on the tanks too, some white undercoat on the underside of the engine room roof, and very excitingly, Jim cracked open the grey undercoat to do the lower half of the engine room. The colour scheme in there will be as it was - dark green up to the gunnel and cream above. I started to sweep out the hold with a lovely new yard broom (which unfortunately occasioned two trips to the shop as the broom heads and handles they stocked were incompatible with each other so we had to get a metal thingy to join them together, but it is very good now), but having established that it should come off fairly easily, I decided to leave it until Wednesday, as there is one final bit of welding to do, to patch some tiny holes in the back end/engine room bulkhead. Instead I went round painting all the gunnel angle, which I had somehow contrived to miss before. Interest was added by the three or so inches of water that have collected in the front end. Mind you, if this weather keeps up, I can see us adding some more and having a paddle. Wouldn't a big Woolwich make a great swimming pool... even I might manage a width in that one.

I also started to clean up the portholed vent from the engine room - at least one bit of the boat will be smart if we get to Braunston. What I am very pissed off about is that the porthole glass has cracked. I don't know when or how, but it was OK when we took the cover off.

Today's artistic photo by the way is of the second diesel tank once Jim took the inspection hatch off, to reveal a few inches of darkly reflective diesel.

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