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Thursday 20 May 2010

Drips and runs

Not just the paint, as if that weren't bad enough, but my nose too as this cold moves into the streaming phase.. However, the effects in the paint are more permanent, and so of greater concern.

After recoating all the odd bits (and indeed putting the undercoat on the diesel tanks) I put another coat of cream on the engine room ceiling. It didn't actuallly seem so bad to me; it seemed to be mixed fine and although there were of course runs, no more than you'd expect painting round all those bolts and rivets. My main paint-related hatred is reserved for the Dulux white undercoat. Why is it that the grey (same brand) is perfectly fine, but the white goes on like cheese and then drips off onto your head as soon as your back is turned? Horrible, horrible stuff. And I had to do all the top half of the engine room with it. I have at least come up with a new concept of hell: painting a riveted engine room with Dulux white primer. While listening to Radio 1. (If the BBC want to save money they should just get rid of Radio 1. It's positively harmful; it actively encourages idiocy).
Anyway, I ran out of paint with two sections to go so sadly had to stop. I'm very tempted to just put the new gloss straight onto the rubbed down old gloss and see if it makes a blind bit of difference not having undercoat inbetween.

As (famous last words) there's no more welding to be done now, Jim got cracking with cleaning out all the welding and grinding detritus from the hold. I'd swept up the worst earlier in the week, but he hoovered it all out, and then scrubbed it with soapy water and our new big broom. Today we just have to get the water out and then joy of joys we can put some more paint on it.

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  1. I fully agree with the Radio 1 thing. I occasionally play music for my pupils whilst working, and you can guess the radio station they prefer...

    I know far more about Chipmunk, Lady Gaga and Alicia Keyes than I would like to. And the songs get stuck in my head, too.