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Tuesday 7 May 2019

The end of the world

Well, OK, the end of the World Snooker Championship, and the end of my annual seventeen days glued to the TV (and sometimes the iPad as well). I think it is probably true that I watch more TV in those seventeen days than the rest of the year put together; it is almost certainly the case that snooker accounts for more than 50% of the TV I watch in any given year - probably nearer 80% given that I don't even watch University Challenge any more (and I do watch more snooker, thanks to Jim reminding me when it's on more obscure channels).

It's forty years since I watched my first World Championship. I missed a few in the early 2000s, when we didn't have a TV, but I've certainly got back into the swing of it now.  And now, here I am, living in the city where it all happens. I went to the Crucible in 2016 to watch a couple of sessions - a teenage dream come true, apart from the fact that it was the year Steve Davis retired. And I may be going again next year, depending on how one of my Foundation Year Network colleagues fared on the ticket website yesterday morning...

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