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Thursday 2 May 2019

A Bridge too far

Sadly (but also with a bit of relief) we've come to the conclusion that, for mainly work-related reasons, we're not going to take Chertsey to Hebden Bridge this year. It's kind of a shame to give up on the idea, but it feels sensible. We were already so tight for time that it didn't feel as if it was going to be a relaxing trip (if it ever could be) and then there was Marple, and a few other things have come up, and I was becoming increasingly nervous about having such a long block of time off work (had we gone via Marple, the plan was to split the journey).

So we will probably use Sheffield as a base to go over by car over the Bank Holiday weekend, and in the meantime plan a shorter trip or two, but the Rochdale, sadly (well, I think sadly) will have to wait. There is an underlying anxiety that it may not be there forever, so we'll try not to make it wait too long.

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  1. What a shame, but understandable. It is a bloody long way, and quite a daunting prospect, particularly if starting as far South as we will be. We are still planning to go, but the timings are tight, and it will be hard work, with Marple not helping. We hope you at least make it by car - we'd love to see you both.