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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Makes a change from the Thames

Day 5, 9 1/2 hours + 1 hour waiting for water; 25 locks

Now that's more like a half decent day's boating! The weather was ok for most of it - mostly bright, but chilly and with enough wind to be a nuisance - and only started to rain just as we tied up. The stone throwing youth of whom we had heard such horror stories completely failed to materialise, and apart from large amounts of rubbish in the canal - including at one point an armchair - I was afraid Ricky was going to make a leap for it - it was not at all unpleasant. Once past the three locks at Minworth, the rest (13 at Perry Barr and nine at Rushall) had double bottom gates, so the fenders could go down again.

Stanton came through last night and tied up a bit beyond us, but later joined in our convoy. In front of us were Atlantic, Eli, and Stanton, and after a bit, behind us, Oberon. We stayed evenly spaced through the locks, and each boat back set for the one behind so we got through pretty efficiently.

The only issue was a shortage of water in some pounds, along with the aforementioned rubbish - we occasionally bounced over something on the bottom. At a couple of locks - particularly the middle of the Perry Barr flight - we had to wait for someone to let some water down before Stanton could get in. Overall these were nice enough locks - though you'd have to ask Jim really as he did them all!

As well as the rubbish, once we were on the Rushall canal I spotted (in separate places) two dead Canada geese. I've never even seen one dead one before, so I wonder what all that's about.

It should only be a couple more lock free hours to the rally site at Catshill Junction, and Jim and I are hoping to investigate the delights of Brownhills tomorrow.

Location:Long wood Boat Club

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  1. Sarah,

    So glad that you are blogging again - you always have something interesting to say!

    If you have time stop at Walsall Wood, perhaps half an hour from where you are now. Take a walk up the High Street, on the opposite side of the towpath away from Walsall, and you will see two interesting local sculptures which I think you will enjoy. The first is on the left, first junction past the surgery. The second is on the right, first junction past the church. This is a good five minute walk so you may not have time.

    On the way back take a look at the fisherman on the Catshill side of teh bridge - he looks so much better from the road than he does from the cut.

    If you do get time to stop there is a steel fence beside the towpath with some commercial units on the other side - look for Screwfix because that is, roughly, the site of the Travellers Rest pub, home to the last stable for canal horses.