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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Day 4, Dog and Doublet to Curdworth, 1 hour 55, 8 locks

Last night we popped into the Dog and Doublet and it wasn't bad. Atlantic as well as Eli have now caught up with us and I hear that Stanton and Renfrew are not far behind.

We set off this morning after ten and did the remaining eight Curdworth locks and the short Curdworth tunnel. The sign at the tunnel entrance said maximum beam 6'11" but Chertsey held her breath and all was well. There were volunteers at about half the locks and they were cheerful and friendly and helpful. It's a squeeze lengthways getting Chertsey into these locks because they have a single bottom gate, needing 7' clearance to shut it. Hence the front and rear fenders are all up which makes going into the lock fun. I have been doing ok though, and they are not too violent at filling.

We tied up in time for lunch and I finally got a first coat of paint onto the table cupboard so that Keith's beautiful painting is surrounded by something a bit better than splodgy blue undercoat. Jim has polished up a cup handle that came with the boat but not attached to anything which will grace it nicely.

Then we went for a walk further up the towpath then back into the village for a paper and an ice cream before coming back for a little more light polishing.

This morning just beyond the pub pound there was a lovely long straight stretch of grassy towpath so we took Ricky for a run - probably the longest straight gallop he's had. He did seem to enjoy it.


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