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Sunday 16 April 2017

Getting quizzical

Not long now until the event of the year - the HNBC quiz. The Erewash team who have been boating for about three hundred years between them will win; the aim of GUCCCi GUCCCi GUCCCi GU (geddit?) will be to not come last. Last year we achieved this by quite a significant margin, of about three, I recall. This year we have a substitute member - Enceladus Sarah - hence the extra GUCCCi to add to Chertsey, Purton and Renfrew. (Perhaps it should be guccci...?) This is because poor Little Ricky is banish├Ęd from the community centre and thus Jim must remain behind to keep him company. I have high hopes of our new member though (no pressure...)

This afternoon at the auction I made four purchases, and spent a total of eight pounds. The most expensive purchase was an empty five gallon Morris's oil tin, at £4, to replace the one Jim threw out.

A couple of boats have already left, but most of us are hanging on for the ceremonial convoy into Walsall tomorrow. If you don't hear from me tomorrow night, send out the search party.

Location:Still outside Tesco's in Brownhills

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  1. Think I must do some serious swotting up before the next quiz - that was tough! Good fun though...think the dog-sitters enjoyed themselves too