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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Back in time for lunch (and pub of the trip)

Day 13, Dog and Doublet to Alvecote. 4 hours 20, 6 locks.

And we didn't even leave until half past nine! There have been hardly any pubs on this trip, but if we leave out the Barlow (because it is now our local and we're in there all the time, and we know what's good about it) the Dog and Doublet wins hands down, and would have done even against stiffer competition than the appalling Plough. The food was decent, the beer was ok, if limited (but so it is at the Barlow - in fact, only Doom Bar on tonight) but it was super dog friendly. When we were last in there the landlady asked if Ricky would like a meat pudding that a customer had left. This time they happily brought a dog dish so that Ricky could eat the fried egg that came with my mixed grill, and the landlady later insisted on bringing him some water - which he promptly made us look bad by drinking with alacrity. So from a very limited field, pub of the trip is the Dog and Doublet at Curdworth.

We had a trouble free final run back, tonight in the Barlow; tomorrow back in Sheffield having a bath and watching the snooker.

It's been another excellent trip - even Jim has enjoyed it, which I suspect is because of the shorted days. I shall write at greater length and in cool recollection about it all over the next few days.


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