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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Birmingham and Fazeley continues...

I have worked out how to resize photos in Windows 10 (you have to use Paint) so can now post them without fear of either overloading your bandwidth, or, worse, exceeding my Blogger allowance with unnecessarily massive photos. Should you require a massive version for any unfathomable reason, please do ask.

Now, rural idyll is all very well, but when I'm boatibng I do like a bit of post-industrial. I feel a bit bad about this, because post-industrial represents the graveyard of dreams; it usually - and definitely here - means poverty, unemployment and worst of all, loss of purpose. Buildings can be repurposed, but all too rarely are - and more rarely still, sympathetically. Can people be repurposed so easily? Ask a miner who's got to apply for jobs in a call centre.

First, here's one of my favourite bridge signs:
Here's a general sense of the more urban environs - graffiti, razor wire AND rivets. What more could you ask:
There was a lot of green-and-pleasant (also, of course, representing the Death of Industry) but not so interesting to photograph.

But here is another interesting bridge - Erdington Hall Bridge:
And a scene of colour-matched comfort:
And finally, the approach to Salford Junction, where we leave the Birmingham and Fazeley and turn onto the Tame Valley Canal:


  1. I'm also a fan of green-and-grot contrast...more to pick out, more to wonder about...but I have to confess that green is ultimately balm to the grot

  2. I don't know if it will run on 10, I think it will but Open Live Writer resizes photos for you as you put the blog together.