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Thursday, 13 June 2019

Heady heights

I came back from the pub last night to find the Chertsey was at number 9 in the UK Waterways Sites rankings, and (thus) at number 2 in the blog rankings!
I think that's as much as I can hope for in the medium term.

But ten or so years ago, I wouldn't have dreamed it possible. It's not, however, because I've got better or more popular. It's because there are fewer blogs and bloggers, and they post less frequently, which is a sad thing. I suspect that my recent meteoric rise is in part at least owing to my multiple daily posts in the preceding week (although I had previously managed third place without that). My fairly consistent presence in the top five blogs, though, is just attrition.

I have never joined Facebook. I rarely use Twitter (now I can post by email). I feel no need to Instagram or Snapchat. I began as a blogger and a blogger I shall remain.

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