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Sunday 26 March 2017

Where to next?

I wasn't going to select my next random destination until after I'd written the very last Saltaire post. However, in was in the pub on Tuesday (the very good Rutland Arms, even if they do have rather a posey website) with a couple of friends, and I was explaining the Big Days Out concept, in the course of which I showed them how I set to choose a number between 101 and 186 for me. It then would have seemed churlish not to ask one of them to hit the button to determine the next port of call, which I then cross referenced with the Town Class Sticker Album.

And oh dear. If Saltaire was a really lucky first pick, this one's going to be a lot harder. Until I looked it up I had only the vaguest idea of where it is (other than a long way away). It's a small place, and doesn't seem to be famous for anything, unless you count golf, which is not something I can get passionate about. I guess I may have to learn, as that is, in part at least, what the Big Day Out is all about. The station could be interesting, as it might (according to Wikipedia) be the oldest in the country. It's going to take me around five and a quarter hours to get there (but only one change; Sheffield's a handy place to start, being on the Cross Country route) and will cost me £120. So I could get there and back in a day and still have about five hours to explore...

It may be a while before I get round to this one though, as there's a bit of boating to do first...

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