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Saturday 25 March 2017

Saltaire summary

For each Big Day Out I shall create one final post with links to all the others, which will then be listed in the widget to the right.

My Saltaire sortie will probably turn out to be one of the cheaper ones, coming out under fifty pounds in total, made up as follows:
Off-peak day return train fare from Sheffield: £12.50
Shipley Glen Tramway day ticket £2
Tramway history book £2
Ice cream £1.80
First ice cream of the year
Concert ticket £10
Concert tea and cake £3.50
Raffle tickets (non-winning) £1
Dinner and drinks (approx) £16

I got a Cross Country service from Sheffield to Leeds, and Northern from there to Saltaire. On the way back I should have caught the train at Shipley, but missed it, so David kindly gave me a lift to Bradford to pick one up there. The outward journey took just over an hour.

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