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Friday 31 March 2017

On the rail trail

Being in York with a couple of hours to spare, there was somewhere else I just had to visit - the National Railway Museum. As it was free I was happy to pop in for a quick look round, knowing that I can come back for more next time I'm in York.

If I was a proper railway buff I would no doubt have drooled over the beautifully restored and shiny locomotives rather than being most enchanted by an unlabelled (at least I couldn't find one), preserved but unrestored, carriage:

My favourite part of the museum was the 'Warehouse', a sort of compromise between display and storage - masses of artefacts, visible and tidily arranged but not really displayed, and with no labels or 'interpretation' material. It was sort of like the best antique shop in the world, but where nothing is for sale. There were some particularly lovely models - and again, I was more drawn to the cutaway carriages than the wonderfully detailed locos - and some gorgeous stained glass windows from glamourous places like Retford.
It was nice to go all the way to York to see a destination board for where I grew up.

I shall definitely visit again.

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