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Friday 5 March 2010

Things are hotting up

Also last week, Keith craned the Epping stove into Chertsey, prior to fitting it. This, I have decided, is a prerequisite for any overnight stay on the boat. There are going to have to be a couple of modifications - the shelf on which the stove stands needs to be extended forward a bit, so it will be topped with a piece of steel plate, and we need some protection for the wood behind the stovepipe. More good news though - the stovepipe that was left behind on Chertsey aligns perfectly with the Epping and the chimney, so just needs a modification to allow it to fit onto the stove. They were clearly all made for each other.

And things are hotting up in more general terms too, now we have started the serious business of working on Chertsey, which I hope will continue fairly intensively until phase one - seaworthy, mobile and habitable - is complete. And would it be too much of a hostage of fortune to mention my ambitious, but theoretically possible, target date for all this? Well, maybe see you at Braunston....


  1. I think we always knew that you would try to take Chertsey to Braunston this year. Here's hoping that it works out for you. I'll look forward to seeing a photo of you and Jim beaming with pride in the parade!

    Bill and I are hoping to be in England by the end of April and see how you're progressing then.


  2. Well, it's always good to have an unrealistic target!

  3. ooh, excellent - I look forward to hearing about you cooking on it. I've been keeping an eye on how hot the surroundings of mine gets when running, albeit in a non-traditional installation, and so far, been impressed with how little heat comes out of the sides.