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Tuesday 16 March 2010

Mentioned in dispatches

I occasionally amuse myself by randomly trawling through Granny's (or now also Mike's) blogroll, or occasionally I get a tip off, and I see that Chertsey is getting mentioned a bit around the place (and that's not counting regular mutual commentors like Minnow).

For example, only yesterday Epiphany spotted Chertsey in the flesh, and confirmed that it was still where I left it, and then randomly blog-hopping just now I found a complimentary little mention from Pickles No. 2... I don't mind people using my photos as long as they're saying nice things. My view - and I don't know if its the most commonly held one - is that if you put photos on the internet, then they're fair game for others to link to, and even to copy - but if it was me, I would always say where I'd got it from, to avoid any possibility of it being thought that I was trying to pass it off as my own. That's the academic in me, I suppose - and besides, it's only good manners to give credit where its due (or of course to absolve oneself if it was a dreadful photo).

It is nice to know that so many people are reading the blog and taking an interest, so thank you all. Now, you never guessed that I have absolutely nothing to talk about today, did you? Better get back to tidying my filing cabinet.


  1. I'm glad you said you didn't mind people borrowing the occasional photo, Sarah. I lifted your back cabin stove picture for one of my recent posts. Thanks.

  2. No problem Halfie - esp as you said where it came from. Saw that post!

  3. But I didn't. Many apologies Sarah. I thought about giving credit at the time but only posted the link in the end My thinking is the same as yours; if it goes up on the web it's fair game for one and all to use how they may.

    Now academic stuff, well that's a little different. There's nothing academic about my blog though.

  4. Don't worry Pete, how could I mind when you said suck lovely things about it?