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Thursday 4 March 2010

Lacework and hair

But not where you want it.

On Tuesday selected parts of Chertsey's rear end were shotblasted to reveal the full state of affairs in all its glory. Well, I am sure we'd all be disappointed if there was nothing that needed to be done, so here we have something to keep us busy. I just rather liked this lacy effect; it is in fact an old repair to the chine angle which hadn't previously been discernable under all the rust.

I haven't actually been up to Stretton for weeks but Keith is being wonderful at keeping me supplied with a photographic record of what is happening (I was going to say progress, but it's rather early days for that yet). I will get round to uploading a selection to the album as soon as I can but I'm trying to be a bit committed to work at the moment and exercise some self discipline (Look! I haven't been on CWF for days!).

You can rest assured that there will be plenty to fill these pages for a few days yet.

Baz hair update
Well, the curious of the cut camp won - much I think to Baz's delight - and he had the dreadful deed done yesterday.

From this

To this

And everyone agrees that it is a triumph, very 'him' and we all still recognise him. He looks taller(!) and we will be spending a great deal less on conditioner. And AutismUK are some £325 better off. A hit all round and actually not nearly as sad as I thought it would be.

The subtitle above is a link to his website with details and more pictures.


  1. A triumph indeed!!
    and I'm sure that the saving in conditioner will be well worth while!!!

  2. Oh but the price of regular hair cuts.....

    Looks great though :)

  3. Yes, that had occurred to me! Still, he's a big boy now and he'll have to pay for his own....