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Monday 1 February 2021

Twenty-six objects

I have a plan for the next three, possibly four, months of blogging. A plan to create something out of almost nothing every day. And my plan for February is twenty-six posts about almost random objects, one for each letter of the alphabet. They will all be objects that physically exist, and that I can lay my hands on - so they will be quite mundane objects - but the ideas, memories and connections they spark could lead anywhere. I'm hoping they will lead in many different directions, with posts in different styles, some long, some short; some serious, and some what passes for funny round these parts.

I will also be following DG's example (and indeed, exhortation) and counting during February. I will count cups of tea (because I do that anyway). I will also count online meetings. I started doing that in March, but stopped in the summer, and I shall keep a running total in every post, thus:

Cups of tea so far this February: 11
Online meetings so far this February: 3

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