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Monday 15 February 2021


This is a splendid green baize-covered noticeboard that I salvaged from work. On it, from top left, is:

  • A diagram depicting the foundation year 'programme on a page' (slightly out of date)
  • A visual guide to uploading a video to the Kaltura platform 
  • A photograph of me at my MA graduation (1998)
  • A photograph of sons 1 & 2 (c. 1997)
  • The invitation to No. 2 son's graduation
  • An inspiring email from a student
  • A cartoon about sheep
  • A cartoon about fairness
  • Two conference badges
  • A birthday card print of Eric Ravilious' painting of Newhaven pier (from my mother)
  • A print of a watercolour of Monsal Viaduct which I found in a library book
  • A ticket for The Divine Comedy at the Brighton Dome (December 2017)
  • An AIDS ribbon (purchased at Brighton station that evening)
  • A postcard of a painting of Sheffield's Botanical Gardens
  • Business card of an academic from Bristol
  • Another conference badge
  • A 'We're With the Woolwich' badge
  • A decision tree for getting started with something when you're stuck
  • My father's 1950s business card from the Board of Trade
  • My Cinema Organ Society membership card
  • My Chesterfield Canal Trust membership card
  • Two appreciative emails from t'Boss (very rare)
  • Print of a watercolour of some flowers by a Seaford artist
  • Flier for the 2020 Learning and Teaching Virtual Scholarship Showcase (I maintain the word 'virtual' is in the wrong place there)
  • Experimental 3D printed Idle Women badges (large and small)
  • A short article about the Teaching Excellence Framework
  • Year on year comparison of marks for different assessments on a module
  • A book review and a post-it for three books I might like to read one day (I've just ordered one of them) 
  • A list of railway stations that sound like they could be people's names
  • A Christmas card picture of a blackbird
  • A birthday card picture of some foxes (from No. 2 son)
  • A note demonstrating the difference between 'as such' and 'therefore' because one of my pet peeves is people using the former when they mean the latter
  • My leave planning
  • A very complex diagram of the University's Unfair Means process (obscured)
  • A Private Eye article about Sheffield Coroner's Court (which may have been demolished by now for all I know)

    Cups of tea so far this February: 144
    Online meetings so far thsi February: 31

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