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Sunday, 7 February 2021


I was meant to be potting on these fuchsia cuttings today, but I got caught up in work stuff instead, so they'll have to wait until next week.

I've always likes fuchsias. They come in such a wide variety, from the voluptuous tender trailing ones with their massive double flowers in pots, to the ones that grow into massive bushes with the most delicate looking petite flowers. This is not, however, the time of year to show you them.

I like fuchsias also because they are among the easiest of plants to grow from cuttings and make me feel like a successful gardener. 

It has not been unknown for me to nip a sneaky thumbnail cutting as I pass a fuchsia overhanging a front garden. As a result of doing this on a walk in the pre-dawn gloaming, one of those in the photo may in fact be privet.

Cups of tea so far this February: 68
Online meetings so far this February: 16

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  1. An apocryphal tale concerns a lady visiting Kew Gardens who asks a gardener "What's the best time to take a cutting of this plant?", and he replied "When I'm not looking, ma'am".