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Sunday, 10 February 2019

More light and shade

There are now only two rooms in the house with just a bare lightbulb. Not bad, after getting on for two years.
The latest room to be fully furnished with lighting is the dining room. I've waited a long time for this, because I knew exactly what I wanted, and thanks to Lampspares, and Ryan the very tall electrician from Barnsley, I now have it.
Oh, and thanks also to the two beautiful glass globes we bought for a pound each (or was it the pair?) at the South Heighton Bonfire jumble sale about twenty-five years ago. Fow many years they graced the hall of the house in Newhaven, but they have now found their true home and vocation.
Ryan supplied the galvanised conduit and did a brilliant job of these and a couple of other jobs (if he had a website, I'd link to it); the flex, hooks, chain and very-tricky-to-put-together lampholders were from Lampspares. And the idea of attaching the hook fitting direct to a junction box which inspired the whole set-up came from Pete Boyce's eclectic and eccentric premises.

As I've said before, I know pseudo-post-industrial is all a bit 2015 (up here, anyway), but this is actually pseudo-railway waiting room type vibe, so that's OK then.

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