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Tuesday 20 April 2010

Weak at the knees

Not only does the camera refuse to talk to the computer, it has now gone awol. And there really aren't that many places to look in a back cabin.

Another very busy day yesterday. Andrew and Andrea from Dove came to visit, and to lend us the most magnificent trailer to take the spare engine bits home, having read about the Speedshift saga. Such kindness from almost-strangers is what makes it worth putting up with all the irritations of the internet - as I've said before, I've made many more friends than enemies this way, and at least the enemies are easy to ignore. We had a cup of tea and a lovely chat with them, and then Sparky - the previous owner of Minnow before Blossom (are you keeping up) turned up and we had a lovely chat with him too, and the various meetings finished with promises to meet again at Braunston.

Meanwhile, back in Chertsey's hold, the removal of the old paint, dead leaves, dried mud etc revealed that some of the knees require attention. Like the bottom, the foremost section has already been done, with new pieces let into the sides of the angled bit (it'd be so much easier with a picture, wouldn't it), and we now need to do the same to some/most of those towards the back end.

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  1. could yu get around the communication failure - once you've found the camera - by getting hold of a usb card reader plugged into the computer? We likes pictures... ;-)