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Thursday 22 April 2010

First Blossom of spring!

Yesterday looked as it was going to be very unexciting, if industrious - very much a case of watching paint dry. We loaded all the engine bits onto the trailer, then settled down to painting, Jim in the hold, and me in the engine hole (and when you're in there without the floors it is very much a hole, believe me! Ladders are at a premium round Chertsey at the moment.) Only a small space but fiddly; it took the best part of the day. I also painted both sides of the cabin top which has been removed. Then Jim made a start on emptying the diesel tank that was nearly full - and fuller and we'd not have got the inspection hatch off without taking some out first, though I don't know how we'd have known until it was too late.

And anyway, we thought that was it, and were just relaxing with a very well-earned beer and sophisticated BLT rolls when who should come strolling across the site than Blossom and Dawn, caught up with us at last. We enjoyed a long chat, first outside, and then we retired to the warmth of Chertsey's cabin to continue our conversation. Hopefully it will be the first of many.

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