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Sunday 4 April 2010

OK, I admit it

After five years, the Middle Level does get a bit boring.

So today, here is the boring travelogue, condensed. Eleven a.m., leave March. 12.45, through Marmont Priory lock. Four thirty, arrive Salters Lode. Distinguishing features en route... some low bridges. Er, that's it. Tomorrow we leave the Middle Level through Salters Lode and enter the Great Ouse via Denver Sluice.

Interesting bits (well, it's all relative)... Jim getting the chance to try out the rev counter he borrowed from PJ. From which we establish that tickover is about 250 and a reasonable lick on relatively shallow water just short of 600. Tomorrow on the river we will see what a thrashing entails.

And I had better update on yesterday... when I went back to join the others in the Ship it was packed with people, I know not where they came from, but the women looked liked they'd stepped out of the pages of Viz (and I don't mean Modern Parents) and were on their way to a hot and happening nite spot. It was very noisy and we didn't stay long. Yes, I did have another pint then, but I must confess I didn't have a whole one in most of the other hostelries. I ordered a pint in the Griffin, but left most of it, there was none in the Red Lion and we didn't venture into the Oliver Cromwell... so it didn't quite add up to five, sorry Blossom.

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