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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

What a day

Day 9, Hanwell bottom to Thames lock, Weybridge

This morning (or yesterday morning s it now is) seems so very long ago. Renfrew were on a schedule to get to Weybridge by 5.30 - six at the latest as that's the last passage through the lock onto the Wey, and they're due up onto the Basingstoke tomorrow (today, Tuesday) whereas we're not booked until Friday.

We set off at eight and were at Brentford by 9.30. Found a spot on the visitor moorings and used the services before going through the gauging lock and down to the Thames lock for 12.30. Then it was five hours hard river boating to deliver us to Thames lock on the Wey at 5.30 on the dot. We stopped at Teddington for a transit licence which worked out at two pounds an hour. At Weybridge, our Wey transit licence (included as part of the rally fee) would only cover us for a day so as we are here til Friday I bought a three day one. Whether we will explore much remains to be seen. Right now I just want a rest!

Once we'd safely tied up it started to rain heavily - what excellent timing - so the Renfrews came over to take advantage of Chertsey's being fully clothed up, and we played 78s on the wind up gramophone (and, admittedly, on Pete's iPad) and drank beer until midnight. An excellent end to a brilliant four days boating together.

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