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Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Living Room's Full of Coal, Mother; or A Trying Day on the South Oxford

Day 21 (Saturday), Iffley to Lower Heyford, 11 1/2 hours.

Including two hours in one pound, which was about fifteen inches down thanks to a log in the paddle at Pigeons lock. We crawled along the bottom until we could crawl no more, then moved a load of coal ballast forwards. Meanwhile some nice people walked two miles to let some water down. After that it was pretty plain sailing but the morning hadn't gone too well and over all this was the most trying day of the trip (so far). The South Oxford has less water than the Basingstoke and more moored boats than the lower GU. Still, we met up with Bones at Heyford and she restored our spirits just as she did on the day of the Great Osney Bridge Disaster of 2008

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  1. No problem with shortage of water up here on the Wigan flight, the problem is keeping it in the locks! The irony is the posters all over the place asking people to report leaks! The Wigan Warriors ( apparently the local rugby team)