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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Farewell to our travelling companions

Day 22, Lower Heyford to Elkington lock, 11 1/2 hours

Pete's photo of a bereft Chertsey... You can just see Renfrew's wake in the foreground
 Another eleven and a half hour day, and this time none of it was spent sitting on the bottom. Seventeen locks and a final day in the company of Renfrew. Tomorrow they will be home in Braunston. We'll also be aiming for there but might take it a bit easier. Apparently it transpires that eleven hours hard boating isn't Jim's idea of fun. Whereas for me there's nothing I'd rather be doing. Ah well. Today went really well. There was more water (mostly) but still mile upon mile of moored boats, especially at Cropredy of course where the festival has just finished. I hear that the Herbies waved to Jim as he steered past the marina while I was running down the towpath. Massive thanks to Pete and Irene for their company and to Pete especially for his patience and all the stuff I've learnt (and the things I've been reminded of that I really ought to have known). And for the snatches, and the pub at Iffley

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  1. Tell Jim to join the Princess Lucy crew. A ridiculously long day for us is 4.5hrs. We aim for 3. S&S&MJ, under Spaghetti junction.