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Monday, 8 August 2016

Slightly less good day

Day 16, Woking to Weybridge Town lock
5 3/4 hours

This was actually the worst day of the trip so far, with multiple getting stuck on the bottoms, messing up lock entrances etc - but would have been a normal day five years ago so I guess that's progress. We started well with Sebastian and Izzi helping us down the locks, but it was after they left us the trouble started. Renfrew got masses of stuff on their prop, and had to pull Lindsay (sp?) off a rock. We're still paired up with them and planning to remain so on the Thames. Thirty one Thames locks to go through to take us to Oxford! Jim and I are going to switch steerers at each one to stop it getting too monotonous/exhausting. Second lock of the day once we're on the Thames will be Chertsey and a not to be missed photo opportunity.

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