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Monday, 7 May 2012


I awoke this morning to the sound of mooing. When I emerged from Chertsey, I saw a gang of a dozen bovines making their way down the towpath.

Whom does one phone in the circumstances? Had I had the number for the local BW office, I would have rung them, but alas I fear it no longer exists. Jim suggested calling the police, but from experience, the chance of getting hold of anyone with local knowledge would have been zero, and it would just have caused frustration and hassle.

So I did what every good Brit does, and left it for someone else to deal with, whilst taking amusing photos.

I'm sure sooner or later someone will have noticed that they were missing their bullocks.


  1. By the Oxford canal a couple of years ago, cows were grazing with their calves across two fields, either side of the canal. A cow ambled across the bridge, unnoticed by her calf. When the calk did notice, she panicked and took the quick route by leaping into the canal! She swam across and got lodged down the side of a moored boat as she tried to clamber up steep pilings. Luckily a few of us were able to loosen the boat and coral the poor creature along the edge with it, to where the pilings ended. She probably did that every few days with different boats each time :-)

  2. Think theres a farmwatch scheme or something in most rural areas,it might be a plan to find out and get the phone numbers or find out who your local farmers are.
    Theres a lot of rural crime now such as fuel and machinery thefts ,sheep and cattle rustling and arson attacks on farm buildings.The same network will be able to deal with letting a farmer know his beasts are out I should imagine.