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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Posting a pointless photo

OK, the first thing I've learnt is that I can't edit posts in BlogPress once they've been published. So here is a pointless second post to post a pointless photo of my beloved Magimix.

Photos on the iPad have actually proved to be the first trigger for Apple rage, as it seems (and I have been spending more time on iPad forums lately than on Canalworld; hey, maybe that's progress) that you have to arrange your photos the way Apple wants you to or tough. I did get an app (Photo-Sort) with which you can compile albums, but this means you either have duplicates of everything or you have to delete them manually.

The Magimix photo - if it works - was taken with the iPad's integral camera, and is thus somewhat grainy. The iPad is brilliant for displaying hi res photos but getting them onto it, at present, involves putting them on the big computer then transferring them using dropbox, as the iPad doesn't speak Ubuntu. I believe it *might* be possible to transfers files direct

Ooh, it inserts the photo where the cursor was. Why can't Blogger do that. Shame I don't know how to move it afterwards though.

from the camera, if I purchase a further bit of no doubt expensive bit of Apple kit. As a complete newcomer to the world of Apple, I can see why people love them. And I can see why people hate them.

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  1. I don't know anything about iPads - nor Blogpress - but when you create a new post do you do it in "Compose" or in "Edit html"? Use the tabs to toggle between the two. In the "edit html" mode it's easy to reposition a photo by highlighting and moving the chunk of code which refers to the photo to where you want in your text. If you already know all this, and it doesn't apply for some reason, such as using Blogpress rather than Blogger, sorry.

  2. In Blogger that's how I do it, though you don' t need to go into html, you can just highlight the photo and cut and paste it elsewhere. With BlogPress it seems that's neither possibly nor necessary!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    You can but a little gismo from Apple shops (probably cheap copies on ebay) that is basically like a card reader, you plug your SD card into it and then plug it into the ipad. All the photos are the transferred. It has proved invaluable to us as we do not travel with a laptop or other PC and this breaks the reliance of ipads to itunes.
    Paint job is looking great BTW
    Richard nb Marcellus