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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Oh my, I have a shiny boat

Chertsey's livery and stunning paint work is finally revealed in all its glory.
Yes, I am very, very pleased. Martin O'Callaghan (Kestrel) has done a wonderful job, with real commitment and dedication, including lots of little things that weren't in the original spec. Dave Moore's signwriting is spot on as always. In short, I really couldn't be more pleased.

So a word of explanation about the (strangely) unusual livery. Normally with this colour scheme you would expect to see GUCCCo's wartime 'austerity' writing - a design introduced to be more in keeping with sober times, and replacing the brighter celebratory red, white and blue 'Coronation' colours used from 1937. Conversely, when you see British Waterways written on a boat, you expect the background to be the corporate blue and yellow (pr less often, the earlier yellow and blue).

However, there is compelling photographic evidence (see page 96 of 'A Canal People' for a good example) that in the very early days following the nationalisation of the GU fleet, prior to BW's acquisition of the FMC boats, and to the development of their own distinctive colour scheme, boats were repainted using existing stocks of GU paint, but proudly signwritten 'British Waterways'. When this was brought to my attention (eternal thanks, Paul) I loved the idea for a number of reasons. The austerity colours are my favourite scheme, and I liked the idea of being a bit different. And, this seemed a very appropriate time to be celebrating, and from next year, remembering, British Waterways.

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  1. Oh my, you DO have a shiny boat! She looks lovely you must be delighted.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

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  3. The same thing happened on the railways immediately following nationalisation in 1948. British Railways was simply written over the old companies' livery until the introduction of the BR 'lion and totem' crest at. Of course many locomotives were still painted in wartime black which was then adopted by BR for most of its locos.

  4. Ahem!

    "British Waterways" doesn't have to appear on a background of Blue and YELLOW, or even Yellow and Blue...... We reckon it's pretty OK too on just a simple plain blue background!

    (Well we would say that, wouldn't we!)

    Chertsey looks stunning - what are her next moves, and when ?

  5. Sarah,

    Really nice, just watch out when polishing !