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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Newark news

There isn't much really. We moved downriver this morning to a new and hopefully quieter mooring.the afternoon was accompanied by the purr of petrol generators from the cruisers in front of and across the river from us. I don't really mind it (although the smell of the fumes was noticeable), but it makes me glad that we don't need electricity on that scale.

Last night we went to the Prince Rupert. This is a very old pub, formerly called the Woolpack, which had been closed for many years and was in the process of being gutted when we we he last year. We were delighted to see that it had re-opened as a pub, and ironically will be hosting a beer festival next weekend featuring six beers from Dark Star, a brewery which started in Brighton and whose founder Jim knew. Apparently they always have one or two Thornbridge beers on, and although they didn't had Jaipur last night, they had on offer Raven, a 'black IPA'. Strange concept, but one for Jim (at 6.6%!)

This afternoon we strolled into town and came across a shop dedicated to selling real ale in bottles, with a focus on very small and local breweries. We promised to come back after we'd done the rest of the shopping, but were so laden with purchases that it will have to wait until tomorrow, when we will also make the long-awaited visit to Porters the provisions merchants, for magnificent bacon, sausages and black pudding.

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